Friday, May 21, 2010

Pregnancy and Wheelchairs

In my travels abroad, I've always noticed that people there give utmost priority to those with disabilities, senior citizens, pregnant patients and yes, those with babies and toddlers.  It is a fact that these people need to be given more attention because of their additional needs.  In subways and buses, the designated seats for these people are often times left vacant even if  there are no passengers belonging to any of these categories. When these seats are occupied by those who do not  fall under any of the above, they automatically give the seats to those who need them without the latter asking them to.  Elevators are placed in convenient and accessible areas in malls, airports and other public places.  Ramps are readily available for wheelchairs and strollers and yes, in long cues, people give way. 

So imagine my surprise when I started using my wheelchair to help me in my malling (I get tired easily and at times even feel dyspneic so whenever I go to the mall I use my wheelchair to help me) !  

I always make it a point to fall in line whenever I take the elevator so I get so irritated when adults (not just children) do not fall in line and pretend not to notice that someone else came ahead of them! Ofcourse, I always remind them where the line is!!!!!  Elevators are also located so far apart and usually in very inconvenient locations (even in high end malls like Shangrila and Greenbelt) plus, ramps are often times no where to be found!

Anyway, in one of the malls in Makati while I was waiting for my elevator ride, I noticed this sign posted beside the elevator:

What's wrong with this sign board?

Obviously, pregnancy is NOT a disability! It's a blessing and a wonderful gift from God.  I think the management of the mall should have corrected this.  Moreover, this elevator is located at the far end of a hallway away from the eyes of people in need of them.

Government agencies designated to check buildings that cater to the public like malls and government offices should seriously give some thought to ensuring that elevators and ramps should be placed in areas that are accessible to those who need them.  Afterall, not everyone may have a disability or be pregnant but everyone will become a senior citizen at some point in their lives.

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  1. Hi Stefanie. I prefer to call it a complicated pregnancy. I know what you mean, mine was not a simple pregnancy too and yes, I did suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum as well. These are all physiologic changes in response to pregnancy but in the end as you said, my baby was worth it:-)