Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exersaucers, Jumperoo and Walkers

Our baby's Pediatrician finally gave us the go signal last month to buy our baby her ExerSaucer.  An ExerSaucer is a kind of stationary activity center for babies by Evenflo.  It has gotten very popular that people now use the term "ExerSaucer" interchangeably with "staionary activity center". Basically, an Exersaucer is like a walker without the tires which makes it a  far safer choice. Some of the more popular brands are ExerSaucer, Bright Starts and Baby Einstein .I was introduced to the ExerSaucer while searching online for a baby walker. I was alarmed by the so many reports about baby walker related accidents. I  also came across an article by the American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP specificaly about injuries associated with infant walkers. Infact, the AAP has called for a ban on the manufacture and sale of all mobile walkers. The same article recommeds that "stationary activity centers should be promoted as a safer alternative to mobile infant walkers." Aside from the ExerSaucer, another popular choice over the walker is the Jumperoo. It is another kind of stationary activity center by Fisher Price.  It's like the usual jumper only that it doesn't require a doorway to mount it on. However, i read that "some pediatric orthopedic specialists warn that too much jumper use can cause certain kinds of injuries to bones and joints" so we it wasn't really a top choice. I made calls to different stores and learned that only Rustans sells the  Evenflo ExerSaucer.    I was also told that it has been months since they have had stocks. I asked why and they couldn't give me an answer (delayed shipping perhaps?). They said  they  will inform us once it is available but  they  couldn't give us a definite time (huhu.   our baby needs it now!).  They offered the Play Gro brand instead.  We went to see it but I wasn't impressed at all.  It looked quite boring. We also saw the Jumperoo.  It actually looked really nice but due to the things I have mentioned earlier, we opted not to buy it. We finally found the Bright Starts Bounce-A-Bout ExerSaucer  in Baby Company. It  comes in two colors but we chose the one that wasn't pink because it was more lively. We took our baby for a test drive and she loved it!

Our Baby enjoying her Bright Starts Bounce-A-Bout Exersaucer
Rustans and Baby Company do not sell the Baby Einstein ExerSaucer.  I was told by a friend later on that some branches of S and R  sell  Baby Einstein ExerSaucers. If you prefer this brand you can call  S and R you can call first to be sure which branch actually has the item.

If you still want to buy the walker for your baby, please be sure that the manufacturer complies with the revised voluntary standard (ASTM F977-96)  which requires all walkers to be wider than a 36-in doorway or must have a braking mechanism designed to stop the walker if 1 or more wheels drop off the riding surface, such as at the top of a stairway.  Most walkers manufactured after June 30, 1997  are compliant with the revised voluntary standard.

Whether you choose an exersaucer, a jumperoo or a walker, I think what's important to remember is that we shouldn't leave our children alone when using these products.

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